The .eslintrc.js config file should be this like below. given that "prettier/react" and "prettier/@typescript/recommended" have been added to the recent versions of prettier hence they should be removed from extends array in the config.

module.exports = {

extends: [








plugins: ["react", "@typescript-eslint", "jest"],

env: {

browser: true,

es6: true,

jest: true,


globals: {

Atomics: "readonly",

SharedArrayBuffer: "readonly",


parser: "@typescript-eslint/parser",

parserOptions: {

ecmaFeatures: {

jsx: true,


ecmaVersion: 2018,

sourceType: "module",

project: "./tsconfig.json",


rules: {

"linebreak-style": "off",

"@typescript-eslint/camelcase": "off",

"prettier/prettier": [



endOfLine: "auto",






For few months Nigerian economy has been in what is tagged “recession” diligently guiding masses into depression; the scene has become one of “depression in a recession”. And many literate individuals have been pointing fingers to the incompetence of our Economists. …

On the State of Economy

Olaboye Olanrewaju A.

It is high time we start to think outside of the box to solve our problems around here in Nigeria and Africa at large. …


Ours is a world haunted by the gorillas; we have poverty and insecurity hunting us.

The world where a government is using debts to pay debts, you are shocked?

Don’t be, the idea of turning the unpaid salary to bond is using debt to pay a debt.



We believe in trying, trying, trying and trying, most times we need more than just trying, what we need is to change our style. Like the words of Einstein the great scientist:

…..Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result….

World (a poem)

As dangerous as a dark tunnel
Dangerous and dark
Dark and confusing
Best way out is through
Through with a torch
Courage is the torch

World! Like a mountain
Rough, tough and shaking
Mount on the wind and reach the top of it
Reaching the top is the best decision

World, like the hurricane!
Uproots the weak and hollow trees
Cat away with the weak roofs
Chaos on the young, confusion on the aged
Only bends the strong trees, after its terrors comes a calm

A jungle of fear and turbulent wind
The fear you face heads on
The wind you overcome and control
Thrive on chaos
See opportunities in challenges

Remember there is a light after the tunnel,
a calm after the wind
a home after the jungle
So, trust your guts
And rise above the world

My perception to change

Part of problems we are having around here is that our idiots are the ones who portray and think of themselves as wise by playing on other people's intelligence.

The good people and the wise people see themselves like money put in the local "kolo" that…

Cores of Leadership

Alas! We have the leader inside of us, but why have we not realized this? It is because we lack the tenacity, courage and willingness to bring it out of us. Leadership is working through and with people in a group so as to achieve the common…

Today, I will go with Bastiat the humorous.
There are two teachers experience and foresight, the first is violent like the engulfing fire, you learn owing that you yourself has been burned by his teachings.
The second, clean and serene like the water first drawn from the river, reflects on your prospects and provide you a guide.
The brilliants make use of the teachings of experience, while the smarts substitute his teaching for that of foresight.
Have a great day.

Olaboye Olanrewaju A.
Leonardo Da Wonder.

Olaboye Olanrewaju Akinola

Fullstack Developer (MERN, Typescript, Python and SQL)

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